Friday, June 17, 2016


This is just a quick little post for a few things that bear mentioning.

Rachael recently mused about the phrase 'where are you headed?' It's a nice little gem, like most things that Rachael writes about.

Yesterday, I had to get out. I was going a little stir crazy. We had some marble floors in the kitchen, entrance ways, and powder room honed and polished, and the sealant fumes were beginning to rot my grey cells.

The Vespa is kind of out of commission because, like a cat trying to expel a hair ball, it is starting to blow its exhaust gasket. I have one on order at Corsa Meccanica. It's not a big deal, but it's better to leave it be and not ride the rest of the way to a fully blown and annoyingly loud exhaust. At worst it can burn out the exhaust sensors and end up costing more to fix.

I hopped on Thunderbird and went to explore the neighborhood in a mindless meandering way. That's the nice thing about living in a new town. It's all new.

On the way back up Yonge, I stopped in traffic next to a guy on a Triumph Tiger. It had aluminium side cases and a large matching top case. The rider leaned in, and asked me if the entrance to the 401 West was in the right lane or the left lane. I confirmed that it was in the right lane. He thanked me.

That's when I thought of Rachael's post.

Uncharacteristically (for me at least), I leaned in towards him and asked "Where are you headed?"

"Guelph" he said. Then, a moment later, he added "and then to Vancouver". He said it matter-of-factly, as if Vancouver was the next stop after Guelph on the 401. I said something I can't remember, conveying how suitably impressed I was. "Where are you coming from?" I asked, as the light changed and he hit the gear shift with a thunk. As we started to roll, he said "Newfoundland". He said it matter-of-factly, as if Newfoundland was the stop before Kingston on the 401.

Wherever you are Mr. Triumph Tiger from Newfoundland, bound for Vancouver, safe travels, and stop by to leave us a comment, if by chance you stumble on the blog.

Thanks Rachael. Such sound advice.


SonjaM said...

You're riding Thunderbird. That's great, she needs to be moved regularly ;-)

Interesting and inspiring little dialogue, David. Don't you get a tingle in the throttle hand thinking about going places? I know I do.

Dar said...

At least yiu have 2 sets of wheels to choose from! I love moto meandering!

Unknown said...

Running from the law, no doubt... (Mr. Triumph Tiger, not Mr. David Masse. ;-) )

I (mis-)pegged you as an extrovert, David. Apparently you're more of a reserved observer?... Maybe at least until you get to know the folks around you?...

David Masse said...

Thunderbird will get her exercise, have no fears. I also need to get the airbox back to stock. She'll feel better when she's able to get a breath of fresh air. I also think that a stock airbox will provide easier access to the rear brake.

These days I'm not really thinking of roaming, there's just too much tying me down.

David Masse said...

Two sets of wheels is definitely a nice luxury, there is no denying it, especially when they are polar opposites.

David Masse said...

Well Ry, he seemed the furthest thing from a lawless fugitive. He was all ATGATT, polite, his bike was clean, an ADV model, not at all like the guys in sleeveless leather vests, WWII German style helmets, suspended from ape-hangers that were seen regularly thundering down Queen street on Saturday evening. Now any of those guys could have been running from the law.

As for my personality style, I was definitely born an introvert. My chosen path in life forced me to beat my introvert into a corner (the crucible of litigation, public speaking obligations galore).

David Masse said...

Ed I am going to be in touch shortly to take you up on that.

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