Friday, January 20, 2017

So what the hell am I up to?

That's what Sonja asked a few days back. But so much more politely, I hasten to add.

I feel that I need to say something to break the suspense, you all deserve some kind of an accounting.

Things have been hectic and I have had my hands full (Christmas and the holidays, professional stuff, estate settlement tax reporting stuff, the stuff below (read on), and on, and on.

The real problem is that I am contemplating a whole new internet presence.

That involves a complete redesign of my personal web site (old:; new (so far):, very much still a work in progress), opening an entirely new blog, setting up a new YouTube channel, learning arcane crap like CSS3, HTML5, video and audio editing, buying a bit of equipment... yada, yada, yada.

All of which to say, I am seriously thinking of jumping into video blogging, becoming a real YouTuber. The first hyper 'net jump will be for the personal stuff that normally lives on this blog, and once I know that I can semi-competently manage vlog production and some kind of blog and vlog mashup, the next leap will focus on corporate governance. Dry I know, but who knows, it's a subject that is increasingly important, and I have a lot to share.

So there.

No pictures.

I don't think I've ever posted anything quite so dry and unappealing.

If what you were hoping for was some tantalizing moto adventure stuff, well...

There will be that long-postponed moto extravaganza in northern Florida in mid February. I will be meeting with legends, honest-to-god legends. I am thinking that there will be entertaining vlog episodes (crosses fingers and toes).

Ah-buddee-ahbuddee-ahbuddee, that's all folks!


RichardM said...

I hear that vlogging takes up a huge amount of time especially when compared to blogging. Plus you always need a ton of bandwidth to upload the videos. The small PBC videos took about 70MB/minute of video. If you are on the road and using cellular data, that'll run through a data cap pretty quickly.

I never have that much to say. The PBC is supposed to be for moto-vloggers, I've been sneaking in with a non-vlog. Looking forward to your new site.

Steve Williams said...

Always good to know what you're up to. Video blogging -- I've been tinkering with them for 18 months and just can't figure out how to integrate it into my workflow in a sustainable manner. And content -- not sure what to give voice to. I've played with direct to camera videos as well as narration to images. Easy enough to produce but they do take time. Perhaps when I retire I'll figure it out.

SonjaM said...

So, this is how you are going to counteract the natural laziness that sometimes sets in with retirement. I find this new project of yours admirable, plus it's never to late to learn something new, David. Good luck, and enjoy the new experience.

David Masse said...

One way or the other, I will be sure to share the experience here.

I'm thinking 10 minute videos. Short and hopefully punchy. Maybe one episode a week.

The governance vlogging will be a little easier, production-wise, but more demanding content-wise.

As with everything there s a learning curve, and this one is likely steep.

Hopefully I won't disappoint.

Unknown said...

If you'd waited 2 more days I'd have been commenting "31 days ... hath David since his last blog entry" on your last blog entry.

Trobairitz said...

Glad to hear you aren't bored David.

Learning code is quite a challenge. Good for you for taking it on.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

What!!?? No photos!! What kind of an outfit is this??

Sounds like new adventure David; your excuses for not much activity seem to be much more justified than mine. Good luck with new things!

Dave aka fledermaus said...

Just be sure to swear a lot in the videos. You'll sound like a right Brit. ;)

Looking to hear of your Florida adventures. It's been tempting me a bit as well...

David Masse said...

We'll have to see if I can make it work. It's certainly not trivial.

Ten minutes seems to me to be the limit of what's feasible in terms of logistics, the hardware limits, bandwidth, etc. That assumes that the time constraints of shooting enough video and editing it into something that doesn't totally suck doesn't get the better of me.

As you can see, there is considerable uncertainty.

The good news is that I have ordered new business cards that fit the profile for this new venture. Once you have business cards the rest just falls into place.


David Masse said...

Yes, there is natural laziness, you're right about that. It will be another battle fought day, by day, by day.

Wish me luck. I think I'm going to need it.

David Masse said...

Thanks for the reminder Ed.

There is a kind of show business aspect to this, that's certainly not lost on me. I mean show business in blogging. Video blogging is much, much more intense.

I have to measure my approach to this so that it doesn't become all-consuming.

I'll need some luck there too.

David Masse said...

You're quite welcome Brandy.

It's weird in a way. The web is such a visual feast, so dynamic. Yet when you don't have a tool like Blogger, or WordPress, or Facebook, or Twitter, behind the scene is just endless lines of code.

You begin to think in 'br's, 'divs', p's, 'style's, 'img's, and hrefs, and your brain becomes a freaking browser. That's if you're lucky.

In the end it's worth it though.

I think.

David Masse said...

I know, I know.

I have so many ideas floating around in my head, and segments of cool video lurking in my iPhone, cameras, and memory cards, it's just nuts.

It's getting out through the sausage factory and up into YouTube that is the only part that really matters.

That, and whether the product bears watching.

David Masse said...

Thanks Dave.

I'll be meeting up with Bill Leuthold, Ken Wilson (Lostboater), and Jim Mandle (ADK Jim). Everything points to an epic good time.

Steve Williams said...

Things only work out if the business cards are from MOO and you get the double thick versions with rounded corners. Otherwise the business card magic is lost...

I enjoy making videos -- visual stories -- but freeze when I start to think about narration or speaking directly to the camera. I've made a lot of little videos over the years. I can get away with my point and shoot camera as the video platform and edit in iMovie. Like these ones: (Winter ride on the GTS) (First scooter video with the LX150 years and years ago)

They take a little planning and running about with a tripod. More video production than riding.

I've made a few videos where I speak, and I've tinkered with scripts for scooter and riding focused videos, but nothing but crap on paper so far. And there's a level of discomfort for me in front of the camera. The link below is one I made in art school and was decidedly confessional.

Anyways, I laud your courage in moving ahead with video. I continue to labor in the video area with little to show for it. Perhaps one day I'll find a voice...

Canajun said...

David - You've set yourself quite a challenge. Wouldn't it be easier to learn to play the bagpipes or violin? Or take flying lessons? Or... Just kidding, of course. Good luck and I too look forward to seeing the results of your efforts. But you could at least have included a pic of your new business cards.

David Masse said...

Steve I thank you for the kind words of encouragement.

I remember when my friends were encouraging my to jump off the high diving board many, many, many summers ago. It kind of had the same familiar feeling.

You're about to find out whether I screamed on the way to the water.

Stay tuned.

David Masse said...

Thanks David.

I won't keep you guessing much longer. The first vlog post is up, and I'll be linking to it in a new post momentarily. I'll also add a photo of the new business cards.

So exciting (terrifying, actually).

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