Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I haven't been tending this blog, other than posting the links to the 2010 Scooter Cannonball rally that you'll see to the right.  My free-ish time has been devoted to following the Cannonball action.  I thought I might participate in that rally the next time it takes place in 2012.  I've been following the action pretty closely and I now think that neither my scooter nor I are up for that grueling an experience.

If I decide to ride coast to coast, and I may, it'll be on my own schedule, confined as much as possible to paved roads, during daylight hours only, and with the objective of raising money for a charity.  If I can help it, I won't turn my motel room into an impromptu mechanic's bay, or attempt to rebuild the cylinder and cylinder head on a gravel shoulder, as some intrepid Cannonballers have done.  What an adventure those riders are having.
Leaving the Cannonball aside for a moment, I thought I'd touch on transitions.  The daylight hours are shrinking.  The weather is a little gloomy. Fall is in the air. My first summer on a scooter is coming to a close.  The cold air worked its way through my gloves this morning by the time I got to the office.  I'm thinking seriously about installing a windscreen. Oh well, every season brings its charms.  That's why I've peppered this morning's post with sunrise pictures taken just east of the Pointe Claire village.  They tell the story of the coming fall, don't they?


Unknown said...


Like yourself, I do not like rides of endurance or racing against time. I prefer my own pace of enjoying the ride and taking photographs. It has been a long time since I have been in Montreal. I don't remember much except for Place Ville Marie and the Hwy to Quebec city when we drove across Canada. I am sure much has changed. Thank you for visiting

Wet Coast Scootin

David Masse said...

Thanks Bob,

I loved the photos on your blog, particularly the harbor view at dusk. The colors and contrasts are just spectacular. My son Andrew is moving to Vancouver in a few weeks' time. If I had to live anywhere else, Vancouver would be high on my list.

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