Thursday, September 2, 2010


I rarely post accounts of my evening commute.

I suppose it's because I work long hours and the ride home is decompression time.  I'm anxious to get home, and my inclinations tend towards shorter, faster trips than to slightly longer photo opportunity trips.  The difference between the two experiences is literally only a few minutes, perhaps five, but five evening minutes are not five morning minutes.

That's not to say that the route along the water doesn't offer amazing views.  It certainly does, and I enjoy them just as much as the morning ones, but they're different, the quality and direction of the light is different, and unless there is something I see that compels me to stop and take a picture, I don't have anything to share with you here but the memory.

Last night's commute presented one of those compelling moments.  The photo was taken in Dorval, looking west across the bay towards Pointe Claire.

Not all scooterists have such benign experiences.  Some Modern Vespa forum members have to dodge bullets on the way home.


Belkwinith said...

Nice Blog. Your experiences are so different from mine. I wish I had a commute like that. Plus I would love to do the Cannonball Run.
I am getting a camera tomorrow and taking some photos myself. They won't be as senic as yours. Keep writing!

David Masse said...

I was in Chicago for the first time in July 2009. What a beautiful city. I would not mind commuting there for a while.

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