Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Market Lunch

Ever since my daughter's high school trip to Spain, I have a thing for Spanish olive oil.

The Spaniards have a thing for it themselves, because they certainly don't export much of it. That means you have to go out of your way to find it.

One place where you can find it, and a variety to boot,  is at Olive & Épices in the Jean Talon Market.  That's where I headed at lunchtime yesterday to pick up some Fuente Baena olive oil produced by Olivarera Nª Sª Guadalupe in Baena, a town of about 20,000 inhabitants in Spain's Córdoba province. Pure heaven in a bottle.

Once I had my prize in hand I grabbed a bite to eat from a tiny Moroccan eatery.  My grilled lamb sandwich was as tasty as it was inexpensive.

Parking is at a premium at the market, but not if you ride a scooter.

I like to think that riding a Vespa makes parking even easier because the appeal of the classic Vespa design only adds to the scene, so that a Vespa, parked where cars or motorcycles might be unwelcome, doesn't offend.

In fact it's the opposite. You get smiles and appreciation.

How nice is that?


mq01 said...

you must check out if you havent already :) un saludo!

David Masse said... is indeed mouthwatering. When my wife and I were in Barcelona in 2008 we had some olives with our appetizers. I have never tasted any olives like those, and haven't since. The waiter couldn't understand why those olives were so spectacular to us. He just shrugged and told us they were "ordinary" manzanilla olives. Wow.

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