Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scratch that :(

Publicists for the Larry Crowne movie offered to let me run a little contest here but things are just too hectic at the moment and I just can't devote the time required to do it in a timely way.

If you want to see Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts scooting through life, check out the movie when it opens near you.


Keith - Circle Blue said...

Sometimes the best intentions . . .

It is important to know when things are too hectic. Often best leave the job undone than done half-a$$ed. A lesson I seem to forget from time to time. Thanks for the reminder to be wise about choosing my projects and knowing when to let go.

Thanks for the share,

David Masse said...

Thanks Circle Blue. I hate to pass up an opportunity, but I just have to be honest with myself when I've got enough serious stuff on my plate that fun stuff needs to hit the back burner. Thank heavens I commute on my scooter, otherwise I'd seldom ride.

Keith - Circle Blue said...

Commuting is when most of my riding happens as well. And, yes, I'd say it is cause for gratitude that our commute is a blessing and not a curse.

Dar said...

I find my scooter commute helps keep me sane. I can commiserate about being busy or too busy lately, it's exhausting some days. I was at school board meetings Monday and Tuesday night after working all day & didn't get home until almost 10. Too long of days!! I was trying to get a group of scooterists together to ride to the movie, but nothing has happened so far. I am going to go anyway. Take some time for yourself!

Anonymous said...

David, Your blog is excellent! There are many factors that make it entertaining and delightful. Above all, it is your brilliant style of writing. If not for the contribution of beautiful and plentiful photos, wonderful scenery, and heart-felt subject matter, your blog might be like so many others: just words of someone who's only goal is to make the world discover what they already know about themselves -they they are awesome writers! But you write with a humility that yields the stage to a collection of fine stories and recollections that have a voice of their own. All of this is rare (but not wasted) in a blog about scooters!
I have been delayed in getting my first scooter by budgetary circumstances, and so as I wait, I enjoy the ride vicariously thru you. I appreciate your love for bikes and am reminded of myself when I read of your youth. In fact, I was reflecting on your posts when I was riding my bike thru the french quarter this weekend. Its a wonderful place to scooter-watch. And maybe a place to capture photos almost as nice as the scenes you take in. I've lived in Europe and appreciate the flavor of scooting around town. I think you would enjoy a visit to New Orleans. Thank you for posting, and blessings to you and your family, from me, and mine. Keep up the good work! Be safe.
-David in NOLA

David Masse said...

Thanks for those encouraging thoughts David. I haven't been posting because I'm on a combination business and pleasure trip. In the past week I've been blessed to be in Colorado Springs, Denver, Bryce Canyon Utah, and now Las Vegas (though it's hard to think of being in Vegas in terms of blessings). I'll be back in the saddle and posting soon enough. In the meantime it's 100+ in the shade in Vegas, I can't imagine commuting here. 

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