Sunday, July 17, 2011

Night Ride

Is your riding confined to daylight?

Mine is, mostly.  Night rides are nice because they are exceptions.

Cool, dark glides on quiet roads with the glow of instruments for mood lighting.

The reassuring feeling of control emanating from the dashboard instruments in sharp contrast to the night, cloaking familiar scenes, now more sensed than seen.

Moonlight silvery on the lake.  Moths streeking in bright trails silently by my visor.

Truly a special scooter commuter's treat. Almost makes up for working late.


SonjaM said...

A Vespa night ride? Hmmm... My only worry is that the head lights might not offer enough visibility during darkness for oneself and to be seen.

David Masse said...

I might feel differently if I were riding in the country Sonja, but all the streets between the office and home are lit. The Vespa's halogen headlight provides really good illumination and I switch on the high beam if there is no traffic to blind. The high beam casts enough light into the sides of the road to reveal any surprises that might lurk there.

Dar said...

I go out for the occasional night scoot, but usually prefer to be home before dark. In late February I was coming home from a meeting that ran long and it was after 9:30, very dark and started to storm with wind and rain. I have to admit I wasn't very visible and it was pretty scary. I have to say on calm nights though I do enjoy riding beside the ocean it is truly spectacular.

Unknown said...


My headlight does not turn with the steering. I was caught on a dark country road one summer night in Kelowna area and I had to slow right down and wait for the light to catch up with the curve. In town with lots of lights, no problems. I worry more about other drivers who don't see you

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

One of the girls on scooter diva found a very cool modular helmet with led lights on the back, I think I will try and find a helmet like that. I have often wondered about a vest with a couple of strips of white led's on them to improve visibility. I am sure someone has thought of it already.

Hi Bob!!

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