Monday, July 25, 2011

Saturday joyride

Late Saturday afternoon, after a dip in the pool, I hopped on my Vespa and headed west along the lake shore towards Ste Anne de Bellevue.

It was a nice opportunity to try out my new-to-me BMW Motorrad Air Flow summer riding jacket. For the occasion I removed my windshield.

All I can say is wow! It's like not wearing a riding jacket at all. Plus it looks really nice, it's beautifully made, has all the right armor, and fits me like a proverbial glove.
To give it a good try, I decided to ride over the Galipault bridge to Ile Perrot. Once there I followed the country highway that goes along the lake.

I stopped to take these pictures before turning around to head back home.
Across the lake looking east, you can see the city. It's easy with the naked eye, tougher with the Iphone camera.

I zoomed in to get a picture that allows the skyline to be seen. It's grainy because it's taken with a digital zoom, but it's good enough to let you see what I mean.
I switched on the GPS tracker on my Iphone so I would be able to post a map of the return ride.

View ile-perrot-jaunt in a larger map
That straight bit on the West Island is a couple of exits' worth of Autoroute 20 where I got up to about 65 mph indicated on the Vespa's speedometer, or about 57 mph in real GPS verified speed.

All in all, a very nice 28 km jaunt on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.


Dar said...

The weather looks gorgeous! How is the humidity? I love zooming off on a sunny day for a scooter adventure. The weather hasn't been very cooperative here. My husband informed me the other day I have to 'earn scooter credits' before I go off on "errands", I must admit they do seem to take a few hours on a sunny summer day when I am out on the scooter and I do take rather longish routes.

You will have to post a picture of your new jacket. I have had to worry about needing a lighter coat, it's freezing here. I had the sleeves zipped down to mesh this morning and it was down right chilly.

Great pictures for a phone!

SonjaM said...

There you go, any outing on a scooter can turn around a day. It looks scorching hot out there. Yeah, and where is the picture of you in the new (to you) jacket?

David Masse said...

Sonja, I edited to add a picture I took the other day. I'm not sure that it does the jacket justice.

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