Thursday, January 19, 2012

Here at last!

Hot Grips™, that is!

Now the fun can begin.

With a big thank you to the team at Hot Grips™ and the nice folks at who thoughtfully enclosed a couple of treats to sweeten the experience.  One for each heated grip.


Trobairitz said...


You will wonder how you ever did without them.

Circle Blue said...

I'm certainly loving mine. Still no problems and I've been running them everyday.

Gary France said...

For which bike?

David Masse said...

Trobairitz, Keith, with a little luck I'm starting the installation tomorrow. I'll be posting a detailed project report. This is my most ambitious and complicated modification yet, and I think it could easily be a multi-weekend affair.

Gary, the grips are going on my Vespa. The electricity budget is a little snug, but I went for the heat-troller and I think it will be fine. Keith has the same grips on his Symba , also a 150cc bike, and he isn't having any issues even without the heat-troller.

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