Monday, May 14, 2012

California dreaming

 But it's no dream.

I drove the Pacific Coast Highway back in  1997.  We rented a car and drove the coast from San Francisco south to Carmel.

Last week I got to drive the PCH from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara.

The PCH is such an iconic drive: Malibu, Topanga Canyon, Ventura.  Names that resonate with me as quintessential California places since I was old enough to watch TV.

In 1997 I didn't have a video camera handy to record that drive of a lifetime.  You only make that mistake once.  This time, I had my GoPro.  For those familiar with the area, the video starts just before Deer Creek Road and continues approximately 4 miles or so northward, ending just before the PCH turns inland towards Oxnard.

Don't mistake that expression on my face as less than 100% happy.

It's the look of someone trying to direct and produce a video with one hand and half a brain, and use the other hand and half-brain to drive a Volvo S-60 at 65 mph.

The only thing that could have improved my PCH experience would have been to ride it on my Vespa.

Maybe one day.... one more California dream.


Unknown said...


You're not doing bad for driving with half a brain.

We were in SF last June, 2011 and stayed in Saratoga (next to Cupertino). We also drove to Carmel and then down to Salinas. We had a great meal at Alice's Restaurant.

I would like to ride my bike down there too. I also use my GoProHDd as a video camera, more than on my bike. It is so small and when people see it they think it's a toy

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Trobairitz said...

Great stuff. I think that would definitely be fun on two wheels.

How sad is it that we live in Oregon and I've never been south of San Francisco by plane and Eureka on two wheels. I may have to do some California dreaming too.

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