Friday, February 15, 2013


Here's what I'm thinking once I get my grubby hands on the GTS (that I'm expecting to be fairly identical to this specimen, truth be told, plus the trunk for my junk, of course): - topic 87326
Not that Starbucks is not desirable fuel, but I'm thinking more along these lines:
Canadian Tire Corporation
The ingenious foot rack will come from Classic Racks.  I'm debating whether I want the cupholder version like the one above, or the version with the Vespa logo.

What do you think?

PS: Today, February 19, 2013, I finally got to see the GTS in the flesh and it is identical to the photo above, minus the rubber floor mat, with a topcase, Tucano Urbano Termoscud apron, and a few discreet chrome additions that the seller contributed. I have made a firm offer on the bike.  It's still early in the season, and the seller has got to get some other ducks in a row, so we're not there yet.  But we're closer, much closer.  Now it's time to back off and let nature take its course.


Unknown said...


Forget the CT fuel canister. Just buy a small syphon instead for emergencies. Remember we have other gas tanks close by to "borrow" from

Riding the Wet Coast

SonjaM said...

As usual, Bob's right. I carry a syphon for emergencies (more so for my Sportster though, because the scooter gives you up to 240km on a tank.
The pictured scooter looks pretty handsome with all the chrome. Not sure if I would put a cup on the floor though...

David Masse said...

Gee thanks Bob! But then what am going to do with the smaller ROK straps and all that floor space? Besides, what if you guys spring a leak? Or someone's stove runs out of gas? Or we need to make Molotov cocktails?

David Masse said...

Sonja, I hadn't calculated the range yet. I never really bothered to calculate the mileage I get on my LX, and I don't really know what my tank holds in liters or gallons. Just that I tend to fill up 1.5 times a week, and when I do it costs 7-10 bucks depending on how low the tank is. See? I still can't figure it out. Not enough data.

It's never been an issue since 99% of my riding takes place within a few kilometers of a gas station.

Thanks for the range estimate. 240 km doesn't sound too shabby.

I like the idea of the syphon though.

But I'm still going to carry reserve fuel.

I can't resist. It's my inner Boy Scout manifesting.

Unknown said...


If you can get by with only half gallon of reserve fuel, buy 2 MSR fuel bottles. This should give you 50 kms of extra range and you can pack these more easily but it's not like you are in the middle of nowhere.

your new to you bike that you haven't got yet holds 9.2 litres. And if it is loaded up with rider wearing full gear, it still holds 9.2 litres

Riding the Wet Coast

David Masse said...

Bob, I was thinking of three alternatives:

1. 2-3 1L MSR bottles mounted under the rear rack using plumbing strapping (sounds terrible but it's actually quite elegant. I've also seen them mounted on a rack on the top of the topcase, also quite elegant;

2. 2 1-gallon Rotopax canisters, one mounted under the rear rack, one mounted on the front rack (that I don't yet own);

3. The fuel tank mounted on the footrack (which I'm now thinking is really a 10L tank);

The 10L container on the footrack looks like hell, but holds the most fuel.

The Rotopax solution is very cool and holds the second largest amount of fuel at roughly 8L.

The MSR solution is the most unobtrusive, but yields only 2L.

You're right of course. Sonja estimates 240 KM in range for the tank that you say holds 9L. With 8 more liters, and a little luck, I'd have a range (fudging a little) of 500KM.

You're right, we're not going to friggin' Patagonia via the Sahara. So maybe two MSR bottles plus a siphon I could use to poach from your tank in the dead of night will do the trick.

Peter Sanderson said...

Have a look at my blog to see what I did. Also, thanks for that link. I think I will order the chrome gtv floor.

David Masse said...

Peter, I really like your set-up. That Lambretta rack works nicely on the topcase. One of the 2012 Cannonballers did the same thing with ine of the racks from Classic Racks. Pricier though.

David Masse said...

Pet peeve: my iPhone makes my fingers fat, and me seem illiterate. I can spell, I swear I can, honest!

Trobairitz said...

That sure is a sweet looking Vespa David. Hope the one you are in negotiations for does look like it.

I've never seen a foot rack on a scooter before but it sure is a neat idea. I think the cup holder incorporated into it is genius. If it holds a cup secure enough it might be one of those things you use more often than you thought you would.

Dar said...

David That is one very nice looking scoot! Go for the fancy foot rack! I usually have to carry extra fuel with Scarlet because she has a pea sized tank, makes me crazy.

(My iphone makes me crazy too when posting because invariably there is an error or the darn thing autocorrects when I am not looking)

David Masse said...

Dar, I just talked to my seller and it looks like I'm set to meet him tomorrow afternoon. The Vespa dealer is going to do us a favour by processing the sale so we save a little tax and don't have to make a trip to the DMV, plus they are doing it for free (of course they make a small fortune from us on servicing).

Sonja suggests carrying a siphon as a hedge against pea-sized tanks. That's another precaution I plan to take.

I think that the consensus that is emerging both here and on MV, is that two liter-sized MSR bottles is the way to go.

David Masse said...

Trobairitz, I haven't seen it in person yet, but from what I can tell it is identical to the bike above. I'll know more tomorrow. I'll take my own pics and post them.

I'm confident now that the bike is mine, so I'm putting in the order for the foot rack. I'm going to go for the one with the Vespa logo in lieu of the cup holder.

Unless... I change my mind... Aaaargh! Decisions, decisions.

Unknown said...


Those MSR bottles are 900 ML, NOT liter-sized. Just letting you know.

and it's "tomorrow" right now, so where are the photos ?

get your dealer to throw in a syphon for letting them do the transfer. That's the least they could do

Ordering that rack ahead of time may have jinxed the deal

Riding the Wet Coast

David Masse said...

Bob, 936 ml actually, but why quibble? OK, so I saw the bike and it's gorgeous and has all the bells and whistles (well all except a decent horn, 12v outlet, Admore light bar, and heated grips). It also has been suffering from the dreaded GTS Wobble. I've got a thread going on MV seeking input. I've offered $5.3K but wondering about the Wobble. Maybe Sonja can offer some GTS handholding.

Oh, and I didn't order the rack, and won"t until I've got a sealed deal.

Got your map queries... got to spend a few minutes digesting that and will get back to you.

Unknown said...


I didn't know anything about the GTS wobble until I just checked with Ms Google.

install or dyna beads. I have Ride-On in my Vstrom tires. Get a laser wheel alignment to make sure your bike is tracking straight. It may be "crabbing" and you don't know it.

they also mentioned something about rider weight, but I think you are okay. Just stay away from Hamburgers, poutine and large cokes for a while

then take it for a fast ride on the freeway and see how it rides.

Riding the Wet Coast

David Masse said...

Bob, you are a font of information, even on topics for which we have no expectation of expertise. To be honest, the GTS Wobble was beginning to freak me out. So much so that I posted a thread on MV seeking input, none of which was as helpful as your comment on this post.

I'm going to call my dealer tomorrow and have a chat about the Wobble, and Dynabeads, and about the fact that the bike has a Michelin on its rear tootsie, and a Pirelli on the front. Everyone knows the Italians and the French barely tolerate each other's presence.

I really like the bike and I think that with three OEM windshields, OEM topcase and crashbars, it's a decent price.

So with your calming advice, here's what I'm thinking: get the baby new shoes front and back (Michelins is what I've always had and I think they're decent tires), install Dynabeads and lose the weights that are on the rear wheel, and have the dealer do a pre-purchase inspection and road test, and then do my own road test as you suggest.

The seller offered to let me take a ride in his neighborhood, but there I was in a brand new suit, dress shoes, a dress winter coat, no helmet... I just wasn't feeling it.

So thanks Bob. No barbs, jabs, no irony or twisted humor on this reply, just gratitude for your much appreciated two cents. Worth at least a beer and a burger. Maybe even a rack of ribs. Or eggs Benny at Saints' Café.

David Masse said...

Oh... and we're deep in the throes of winter here; snow, c-c-c-c-cold, Win-n-n-n-n-nd, and slush. So the urgency feels a little damped, for the time being.

Unknown said...


only thing you missed was the "alignment" to make sure the wheels are tracking correctly. If you are skewed at all, it may induce squirming and perhaps amplify perceived wobble.

You can probably do this yourself with a laser pointer strapped to the rear wheel and aiming forward, perhaps one on each side with a white wall dead ahead and see if the beams are equidistant on both sides of the front wheel.

Imagine rolling over a wet patch and leaving an imprint of your wheel on the pavement. If you are going straight, you should only have "one" trail

could be another obvious solution that your headset is not exactly centered or your head bearings are worn.

My V-strom also had perceived wobble problems due to the front forks which are long and not always parallel to the road when going over imperfect surfaces. It was mostly corrected by adding a "fork brace", which keeps both front shocks in "exact" parallel position.

hope this gives you some ideas . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

David Masse said...

Great tips Bob, I'lll have them handy when I get to have a chat with my dealer. I was going to call them today, but when I did, the guy I was going to speak to was at the annual motorcycle show at the convention centre here. It's on today and over the weekend.

Maybe I'll go and discuss it there.

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