Sunday, February 24, 2013

Halfway there

I'm very slow with a needle and thread. I've persevered and now I'm halfway done.

The workmanship is, well, the best I'll say is, barely adequate. I measured twice and sewed once. Yet it's obvious to me that symmetry is wanting. Still, I've achieved my goal of adding quick release buckle closures to one of my Israeli saddlebags.

I think that once I've done the other one I'm going to take them to the shoemaker and have the stitching bolstered.

Then they'll be ready for the open road.


Keith - Circle Blue said...


Trobairitz said...

Looks good in the video. Will be nice to have the quick releases.

David Masse said...

I have to agree Keith. For me the cool factor is that they are designed to be stowed in the under seat compartment or top case when not in use. Once you have them with you, you can install them in seconds and have a tone of instant room to store purchases.

They were designed in Israel for the local Vespa dealer and are specifically designed to fit Vespa LX and GT - GTS model scooters.

I suspect that the niche they fill is that they allow grocery shopping to be more easily done using a scooter. That is if you shop they way they do there and in Europe. Not so much if you're going to Costco for a weeks worth of stuff.

David Masse said...

You're too kind, Trobairitz. The video is grainy, somewhat out of focus, and looks like evidence from a crime scene or something like the Blair Witch Project.

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