Monday, June 17, 2013

Recreational vehicle

I never thought of myself as the RV type.

Today I got my hands on a borrowed three-man tent and mattress pad: basically a large ranch house with master bedroom furniture to go.

It all fits very nicely on a Vespa GTS. Heck, I'm not even going to feel the extra presence back there!
I've been offered the possibility of upgrading to a larger and more comfortable mattress pad.  Naturally I leapt at the chance.  I've barely begun and I'm getting comped!  I love getting comped!

My RV is rapidly headed to King-Size Komfort Land!!!  Well Gaaawwwwwllllllllllllleeeee!  Soon I'll be the envy of the Clampett Clan!


Unknown said...


Hmmm, 3 man tent you say ? Okay, my lips are sealed. what happens in camp stays in camp, RIGHT ? Now I'm got something to look forward to.

in this case, perhaps a two man tent would be preferable. you know, less room means cosier . . . (wink, if you know what I mean)

Riding the Wet Coast

David Masse said...

Bob, with my ego, there's barely room for me in a three-man tent.

Trobairitz said...

You guys are too funny.

We use a three man tent when camping but then there are two of us and all our gear to stow so it doesn't have to be locked down to something outside. Keeps snakes and critters out of your riding gear too if you keep in the tent overnight.

David Masse said...

SNAKES!!!!!!! Bob didn't say anything about SNAKES!!!

Unknown said...


Yikes !!!!! Snakes ????

I'm going to leave a bread crumb trail leading to the 3 man tent.

Riding the Wet Coast

Deb said...

Cushy living there!

David Masse said...

Deb, not so much with all the freaking sssssssSNAKES slithering around.

So much for getting any sleep.

David Masse said...

Ha! Breadcrumbs! That will just attract squirrels and chipmunks! To attract snakes you need a trail of chipmunks and squirrels... wait a minute... how devious... a food chain trap!!!

Dar said...

David - you look like you are all ready to go! Ok - I don't think I will be tagging along, particularly if I have to watch my gear for creepy crawly slithery things getting into it. I am not one for icky things.

I hope you enjoy your trip!

Dave (fledermaus) said...

Mentioning the Clampetts...don't you have room for a folding chair back there yet (Yardsale style, for MV fans)?

Good to go for the upgraded mattress....I suspect your body will be grateful.

Enjoy the trip!!!!

David Masse said...

Dar, I love nature, as long as its of the vegetable and mineral kind. The animal kind is fine too, as long as it's not in my space. The icky animals and the ones that could harm or maim are never welcome.

Lately there have been close encounters between wolves and motorists out west. During the winter a woman was attacked when she stopped to help a stranded motorist outside of Winnipeg, and last weekend a motorcyclist was chased by a wolf on highway 93 near Banff.

And now Bob is going to sick snakes on me.

David Masse said...

Dave, thanks for the encouragement. All kidding aside, it will be one of those things I'll cherish among the key memories of a lifetime.

There was a recent thread with excellent advice on camping chairs following a question posted by Mbelleville. I'm going to see if I can find one of the number of excellent chairs mentioned in that thread. If I recall, there was also a picture of Yardsale's lawn chair-on-a-Vespa set up somewhere in that thread as well.

Unknown said...


I'm bringing my Monarch Chair:

it packs very small and is very well made

Riding the Wet Coast

SonjaM said...

I wondered what you might want to put into or do in your three man tent... I am thinking the Vespa might fit in nicely, too.
Now you just have to get the fridge and the microwave (powered by the cig lighter socket of course) and you are all set for the great outdoors.

David Masse said...

Bob, I am going to start making the rounds of the outdoor stores to see what's available here.

David Masse said...

Sonja, that comment reminds of a summer Boy Scout camp.

We had those old school prospector style canvas tents. Our scoutmaster had a Fiat Cinquecento and he parked it in his tent.

Since my tent is borrowed, I'll pass on the Vespa in the tent.

Great suggestion!

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