Friday, October 11, 2013


Days are growing shorter; the 2013 riding season is gradually drawing to a close.

Without heated grips on the GTS, cold hands will soon be the bane of my commute.
This weekend is fully booked, and there is no time to install the tall windscreen and the Tucano Urbano apron. I can only hope that next week the weather will be kind-ish.

The consolation? Delightful sunsets, and the comforting glow of home at the end of the ride.


SonjaM said...

What a colourful sunset. I hope you'll get to see a few more before you have to mothball your trusty steed.

Unknown said...


a couple of things I noticed:

1) Your sunset photos. Were the first 2 taken on the same night? how did you have time to get to #2 before the sunset disappeared ?

2) What ! No heated grips ? All the gizmos you installed and you forgot the Grips. How about getting a pair of heated gloves instead and plug into your battery tender 2 pin SAE. Heated gloves are better than grips anyway as there are heater wires in the fingers. With grips you only get a bit of heat on your palms, the outside is still cold from the wind, unless you have hand guard covers.

2 again (remember I mentioned a couple of things/) You must be losing your memory. You said you we booked this week, and then you mention about perhaps when the weather got better the "next week". Somehow you forgot that you were booked the next week too !! Or did something change ? and you didn't mention this to anyone (wink !)

2 (this time the final 2) Your garage looks a bit empty. It needs another bike in there. I am hoping to see the inside of that garage again, someday . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

Peter Sanderson said...

Nice sunset. Last week I was driving back from Ottawa and the sunset was beautiful. Chantal was with me and I zipped off the road from the 138 to get a picture of the sunset going down over a farmer's field with the Abarth in the foreground. I parked the car and piddled around with the angle and when I looked up, the sun disappeared into the background and I missed the opportunity. I will try harder this weeken to get a sunset shot to match the beauty of yours...

David Masse said...

I'm sure I will Sonja! Although, with each passing season, I am less inclined to push the envelope of cold weather riding, unlike Steve (Williams) and Keith (Raske).

David Masse said...

1) Oh dear lord Bob!!! Guilty as charged. The lighthouse is in Lachine at the eastern end of the lake, and the other scene is just before the Pointe Claire village (in fact that point of land is Pointe Claire. The lighthouse was taken last week, and the other scene was the day before yesterday.

2) Aaaaarh! No heated grips indeed! I have been toying with the idea of muffs (hate the look, although the Tucano Urbanos aren't horrible). The Gerbing gloves are the most expensive solution I think, but you're right, would be the most comfortable.

2) Damn! so right again!!!! There won't be any time to work on the bike the following weekend either. Would you like to volunteer to run my agenda? Clearly you're better at it than I am.

2) Yes, the garage looks empty now. But once the scoot gets tucked in to its corner at the back, 'my' side will have the Civic in it.

David Masse said...

See Peter, Bob is right, the sunset is just so fleeting. Glorious one minute, gone the other.

Susan and I took pictures in Sorrento of the setting sun and it set in all of five minutes, or so it seemed.

RichardM said...

Beautiful sunsets!

I second the recommendation of the heated gloves. I don't ever bother with the heated grips (they don't work half the time anyway) and the Gerbing gloves work well. For me, toasty hands even at -30C.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I haven't been wearing heated gloves lately, though I have some Widder's that work in conjunction with a heated vest. These last few years the only heat I've been riding with is my WarmBib and it's been enough. Fairings, the bark buster-type covers, the scooter coverage all help to keep the direct wind off of my hands and that's been adequate.

Your sunset images could have been summer 'sets I suppose but they sure look like autumn views to me; the kind I like.

David Masse said...

Richard, that's the route I may go. In fact, now that I think about it, had I opted for the Gerbings instead of heated grips for the last bike, I'd still have them, and that makes the gloves the more economical solution.

David Masse said...

Coop, when I switch screens it will take care of some of the wind. The lap apron will keep half of me toasty warm. Together that might be adequate. Toasty hands will ne bliss.

Trobairitz said...

Beautiful sunsets. We sure don't see them like that in Corvallis.

Hopefully you'll have some mild riding weather next week.

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