Monday, October 14, 2013

There's a Maniac Laughing at me

Guest Post by bobskoot:

Let me say that when you are traveling on unfamiliar roads, following your GPS doesn't give you the real story. You follow that purple line and it tells you to go straight, or make a turn. It doesn't necessarily tell you which lane you should be in. And so it was that I had to go straight but was caught in the left turn lane. I did ask the lady in the car next to me to let me in, but since I was in the Lead I also had to take care of those following behind, which was David (scootcommute) and Karen (Vstar*Lady)
We were nearing our destination and my GPS said to go straight for about half a block and then turn right.  I mean, how did I know not to be in the right lane where all traffic was supposed to turn right.   I had no alternative but to go where my gut told me but David was right behind me and he could see the predicament I was in and turned his GoPro on to record the whole thing.   I could hear him laughing at me all the way through my Sena helment communicator.

We were about to get another scolding from No Nonsense Karen.    I was having problems with my GoPro freezing due to a mistake I made performing the software upgrade so I missed recording the part where David (scootcommute) did a lane splitting maneuver somewhere near Old Orchard beach when he passed on the right to get past some slow moving cars.    It was the curb lane where normally there would be parked cars, except no cars were parked so he used that as an acceleration lane.   I somehow knew he was going to "gun it" when the light changed green but I think Karen thought we were going to make a right turn.

Needless to say we both got a scolding later in the day.   We both quickly learned that the teacher is always right

I am finding more time to edit and post my video and when I saw this clip that David recorded I just had to share it with you

bob skoot
Riding the Wet Coast, Vancouver, BC


David Masse said...

Wonderful memories, Bob. I never noticed that the GoPro picked up the laughter. What a wicked, twisted, fun time ee had riding up US 1 in Maine. Thanks for posting that.

The City Mouse in the Country said...

As a GPS professional, I feel the need to point out that we are only as good as the maps that are input into the system. Bing maps offer something different from Google maps (much more accurate IMHO).

That being said, I very rarely use my GPS. I tend to review routes beforehand on the PC and take notes. I find it less distracting.

SonjaM said...

The laughter was contagious ;-)

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