Monday, July 25, 2016

Scribbled1 - Alternative PokéGame

That's right, it's a PokéCraze. PokémonGo.

Let's say you want to join in the fun, but don't feel like walking around like a zombie with your nose in your phone. Here's what I recommend. It is (so far) endless fun.

You don't need an app. You don't even need a phone. You do get to explore and hunt for prizes though, which is 99% of the fun, near as I can tell.

Collect PokéGiggles. Here's how it's done. I got the idea from talented New York City vlogger Casey Neistat.

My grainy video (blame the LifeProof case on my iPhone, I do) was taken a few evenings ago off Yonge street in the Willowdale neighbourhood in Toronto, behind the Empress mall, on Doris. The park behind the centre must be at least a PokéStop, maybe a PokéZoo, maybe even a PokéBrothel.

Here's what I do. Every time I pass someone on the sidewalk doing the PokéZombie walk, I ask them "Are you playing PokémonGo?" most of the time I get a sheepish grin and a "yah!" in return. I collect those grins of admission like Pokémon players collect... whatever it is that they collect. I love the social aspect of collecting what I'm calling PokéGiggles.

Have fun! Don't get tricked into walking off a cliff, or into an oncoming bus!

1.   Scribbled is a tentative new category of posts intended as quick takes, off-the-cuff posts, impromptu observations, that I can throw together as the mood strikes. We'll see where this takes me.


SonjaM said...

Pokéwhat? Two weeks sans internet, and I am out of touch with the world. However, I like your Scribbled category, and look forward to your off-the-cuff notes.

Trobairitz said...

Can't I just slap them all instead? They drive me nuts not looking where they are going. And while thy are at it - get off my lawn!! :-)

There is your comic relief for the day.

RichardM said...

I think all of my posts fit the "scribbled" definition.

I like Tobairitz's game better… and if I had a real lawn then they need to get off of it as well.

David Masse said...

Now that's what an Icelandic vacation will do for you :)

David Masse said...

I'm not so sure they'd notice your slapping ;)

David Masse said...

If there is someone you're less than fond of, you could drop some lures on their front lawn. In no time there will be a swarm of PokéZombies there.

VStar Lady said...

Live in the country ... Pokemon don't bother us out here.

David Masse said...

It doesn't bother me one bit to be honest. It's rather fascinating to watch.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

"Live in the country ... Pokemon don't bother us out here."

Yet :)

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I consider myself as a paying attention to the news individual but when I saw people acting goofy in a Walmart parking lot, I had to wonder if the rural Meth problem hadn't suddenly taken a strong turn for the worse.

Thankfully it was only a game. :)

Richard, you and me both. I sit down and the fingers fly, much to the detriment of my native language (and to everything Mrs. Clark ever taught me).

Unknown said...

PokeBrothel?... Maybe there's more to this game than I originally thought. ;-)

Hilarious comments, y'all: very curmudgeonly. :D

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