Sunday, September 9, 2018

The unicorn fridge, Ikea, and a Vespa

Well I'm at it again!

Shopping for seemingly impossible things to carry on my Vespa.

This time it's a 36"X15"X24" Sektion over-the-fridge wall cabinet from Ikea.

It all started when our Bosch fridge up and died in the dead of night.

Fortunately, we discovered the looming food disaster when we returned from the airport with Andrew, Anuschka, and Kaia who came to celebrate Lauren and Harris' wedding. Talk about a good news, bad news, great news story.

It turned out, of course, that our dead Bosch fridge was a unicorn! Basically, it turned out to be one-and-a-half critical inches shorter than any other fridge we could find in the market. That meant that our built-in custom kitchen cabinetry was built in a way that would not accommodate any of the new fridges.

The only solution was to replace the cabinet with one that was 15" from top to bottom, rather than the 30" cabinet installed in our kitchen.

Then it turned out that the very nice folks who updated our kitchen when we renovated a couple of years back were retiring. While they agreed to make the new custom cabinet doors we needed, the cabinet was turning out to be... well let's just say that we were on our own on that score.

That's when Ikea came to the rescue!

Susan was at work with the car, and I was itching to start work on the cabinet. What to do... what to do??

The answer, don't you know, was painfully obvious!

Fetch the cabinet from Ikea on my Vespa!

And there you have it. Another exciting episode of Life on two wheels!

The music for this episode is Morning Stroll  by Josh Kirsch/Media Right Productions made available courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library, as usual. Thanks YouTube!


David Masse said...

I'm trying to find a solution to restore receiving email notification of comments. If I succeed you'll be sure to know :)

RichardM said...

I just started getting email notifications again. There was an email in my spam folder from Google asking me if I wanted email notifications. If I didn’t answer, the default was off. As soon as I responded, the notifications returned.

David Masse said...

It’s all very odd Richard. I got those notifications as well, and I responded as well, but my notifications have not yet returned.

I changed a setting to open comments in a comments page. Once that took effect, commenters can choose to reveive notifications. By commenting on my own post, and choosing to be notified, I received notification of your comment.

I wish Google would sort this out, not having that feature is extremely detrimental for the platform.

Based on your experience there seems to be hope.

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