Friday, August 13, 2010

Mercier bridge

On the way to work I parked on a foot path on the river bank that is parallel and just south of the bicycle path that runs on the bank on the south side of Lasalle Boulevard to enjoy my morning coffee and take some snapshots of the Mercier bridge.

Since my post last week about Montreal's bridges it makes sense to post some images.
These photos don't really tell the story about the bridge approach that can only really be conveyed by looking at the map.
The black circles on the map show that you have to commit to the Mercier bridge on Airlie just over a quarter mile from the bridge, and once you do, it's all limited access roadway with concrete dividers so there's no turning back.

With a little luck, and given enough time I will eventually cross all of Montreal's bridges.

On a technical note, for beverage addicts, one of the challenges of commuting on a motorcycle or scooter, is that they don't come with cup holders.  The folks who post valuable information on the Modern Vespa forum have come up with some excellent ways of transporting beverages, some home-grown, some very sophisticated and versatile .  Since all Vespas have carry hooks (variously and affectionately referred to as the "purse hook" or "curry hook" depending on where you're from and what your sense of humor is), many designs exploit that feature.

I settled on the coffee jacket from Corazzo that also happens to fit in with the look of my Corazzo 5.0 armored jacket.
It just arrived the other day along with some goodies and freebies. Think a fresh batch of zipper pulls to replace the one that tore, and to add to my pockets to make life easier, another Corazzo sticker that I want to apply to my scoot, just have to figure out where, some nice postcards, and something else, that I won't mention, but that is really appreciated and serves to confirm that the folks at Corazzo are very special people - Thanks Jody!!.

If you look carefully in the first photo above, you can just see the cup holder hanging in front of the saddle.

I tested it this morning for the first time, and it works really, really well.  It held my McDonalds coffee securely, kept it handy, and not a drop was spilled.  Success!!  I highly recommend it.

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