Monday, August 9, 2010



Since I commute 60 kms a day, 300 kms a week on my Vespa LX150, weekends are mostly devoted to other pursuits.


I can't resist a least one ride on the weekend.  Since my commute goes east, on the weekend, my joyride has to go west.  It's a go-slow-and-savour affair.  West along old lakeshore road to take in glimpses of the lake amid million dollar mansions.

Then further west briskly through Baie d'Urfée enjoying the twists and turns of the road and then crawling through the heart of Ste-Anne de Bellevue's quaint restaurant strip where the restaurants on the lake side of the village back onto a pedestrian boardwalk along the canal.

The sailboats and cabin cruisers tie up and the weekend sailors lounge on deck and chat over wine and beer while the patrons crowding the open-air restaurant terraces and the envious throng of ogling pedestrians take in the scene.

The whole return trip takes less than an hour but the enjoyment of that ride, either looking forward to it, or savouring the memory, is one more contribution to my well-being that the Vespa makes.

Here is a further glimpse of that ride:  the bay that puts the "Baie" in Baie d'Urfée.

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