Saturday, August 7, 2010

More... food!

Here at last is the intended Thursday post.

Having picked up bagels for my colleagues at St-Viateur Bagel last week, I just had to balance things out by picking up Fairmount bagels this week.

So once more I took the more northern route downtown through Town of Mount Royal and Outremont. Once on Fairmount, just east of Park Avenue, I pulled up in front of Fairmount Bagel.  It turns out that they don't accept debit card payments, so a detour to the bank a few blocks away at Laurier and Park Avenue became necessary.  Oh well.  Wonderful bagels fresh from a wood burning oven are more than worth the extra effort.
Once of the more or less unexpected side benefits was stumbling upon the Continental kosher butcher shop.  This hole-in-the-wall kosher shop was were my father-in-law first worked when he came to Canada.  When I began dating my wife Susan, I was introduced to the most wonderful all-beef salami that her father Sam would bring home from work.  Heaven.
I made a mental note to return here to pick up one of those salamis one of these days.

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