Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter blues? Take a hike! Buy a Vespa!

Here's the deal.  It's finally full-blown, snow-down-your-collar, spin-your-wheels, trudge-along, winter.

Plus, I'm fat.  Really, fat?  Judge for yourself: 30 lbs to lose.

As part of my new diet, in addition to eating "right", and watching what I eat, I'm walking.  About 45-50 minutes a day.  That's where the taking a hike thing comes in.
In Montreal, we have miles and miles of underground pedestrian walkways and lots and lots of stairs, if you care to avoid escalators.  It takes about 50 minutes of brisk walking to go from the northwest corner of the underground where I work, to the northeast corner at the other extreme.  It's like a giant "U", just like that, in fact.  Though the "U" is hard to see on the highly stylized, not-to-scale "R-E-S-O" map posted here and there in the underground.

Here's the map of the underground city, and a link to a PDF map.  It's huge.  What better way to get the exercise I need?
While I was taking my daily walk today, I bought a vintage Vespa.  A nice winter white vintage Vespa.  So fitting.
 Just the trinket to park on my desk.
To remind me of the 2012 riding season that each day brings closer.


Dar said...


We are going to be getting a blast from Old Man Winter out here. They are talking snow for Sunday. YUCK! Love the little scooter! Where on earth did you find that? Way too cute.
It seems everyone is doing some diet & exercise progam. I have been making very health smoothies & exercising. Just about to go do it now. It will be riding season before you know it!

David Masse said...

Dar, it's a Maisto scale model. It's in packaging branded Vespa and our local Vespa dealer has them. I found this one at a toy store in Place Ville Marie. $6.99 plus tax, a cheap treat. Want one?

Trobairitz said...

That reminds me of when we were in Montreal in January 2001. I believe it was -36C at the time and there was over a foot of snow everywhere.

I remember walking underground. Sure would like to go back in the summer. I love all the old architecture.

Cool Vespa for your desk.

SonjaM said...

Welcome to my world, David. Wiser food selections and the daily walk.

Love the lil' scoot, and want one, too. Hey you could bring them along when you come visit.

I remember the walkways, but when I was in Montreal it was summer, so we spent most time outside.

Belkwinith said...

Buried in the snow Finally in Chicagoland. You don't have to be overweight to be out of shape. I need to start walking again myself. Always enjoyed it. Stay warm out there!

Dar said...

Yes please!!!!!!! it is so cool. We actually got a 1/2 inch of the white stuff over night. They are calling for more, I hope not though I am crossing my fingers & toes! I am so done with this winter thing.

David Masse said...

OK... tomorrow it's back to the store for two more Vespas. Here's hoping I find them. With a little luck I'll have them with me when I come to Vancouver. I should have firm dates this coming week.

David Masse said...

Trobairitz, so far winter has been merciful. You were unlucky to hit the minus 36C. But every now and then we get hammered. The worst was back in the seventies when for about a week we hit minus 40C which happens to be the same as minus 40F. And that was just the thermometer reading, without factoring in windchill.

David Masse said...

Bel, is Chicago like Buffalo where the lake effect puts you in a snow belt? Even though Buffalo is on the south side of lake Ontario it gets tons of snow whereas winter snowfall in Toronto on the north shore is typically much lighter.

David Masse said...

Dar, Sonja, done, your Vespas are in hand. Now I just need to figure out when I'll be in Vancouver in March or April.

Unknown said...


We need photos of the rumoured "fat gut". I mean, I was daring enough to post mine . . . I supposed I could sweat it off, it's hot where I am right now, going to be in the mid 80's all week. I hope you don't mind if I rub it in because I will be back to the snow soon, not unless you send more $$

Riding the Wet Coast

VStar Lady said...

David - Montreal's a great city to walk in, when it's warm walk in it, when it isn't walk under it. Enjoy your hike to health and your vespa.

Dar said...


Awesome!! We are getting a blast of winter here and have snow, which of course shuts down our city. As Canadians I am not sure why people on the island find it so surprising that it snows in winter. I feel sorry for my wee scooter she is parked under the balcony and covered, poor wee scooter.

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