Monday, June 25, 2012

The evolution of Muvbox

"What is a Muvbox?", you ask, and "how does a Muvbox evolve?"

A Muvbox is a restaurant concept that was born in Quebec. Think a combination of a Transformer and a shipping container, with retail ambitions.

The first Muvbox I came across was in the Old Port of Montreal, down in the southernmost part of the city locals know as "Old Montreal".

I posted on this a while back.

Last week at lunchtime I thought "lobster shack". The only real-ish lobster shack in Montreal is the Muvbox in the old port.

When I got there the evolution was evident.
First off, there was a longer line waiting for lobster treats than I was prepared to queue for.

The second thing I noticed was the second Muvbox.

Porchetta serves delicious roast pork sandwiches with some interesting sides like rapini.

A much shorter line made the Porchetta Muvbox an obviously wise choice.

One word: delicious.

Now there are two Muvbox choices in the Old Port.

When I rolled back in to my spot in the underground garage at work, there was more evolution waiting for me.

Yes that's right, there's now a second scooter commuter working in my building.

It only makes sense, because in the past two years there has been a scooter explosion in Montreal. It was only a question of time before another scooter showed up in the garage.

Two's company. I definitely don't want a crowd.

PS: in response to Conchscooter's comment, here is a shot taken from our 6th floor window.

Eight PTWs on a day when I opted for the cage due to my daughter's vehement objection because of rain in the forecast.  Three years ago, there might have been one, on average, on a nice day.


Conchscooter said...

A second scooter is a sooter explosion? Zut alors! Pas tellement explosif je crois?

SonjaM said...

Scooter invasion in the parkade! I find the concept of the muvbox quite intruiging.

In a similar way the company I work for uses shipping containers for process equipment and a control room.

David Masse said...

Conchscooter, Zut! indeed. You see, I was such an anomaly three years ago when I started the scoot commute, that the building owners offered my free indoor parking. Now there are two MCs, and another scoot downstairs. Much more and they may re-think their generous allowance.

As for evidence of the growing popularity of PTWs, I'll update the post with a picture taken of the street below.

Sonja, ahhh!... container control room... James Bond-ish, I must say. Now if you have solar-panel powered hydraulic deployment like the Muvbox concept, I'd love to see a video!

Trobairitz said...

I am glad you have a scooter buddy in the building but any more and parking might get tight.

The muvbox is a neat concept and I can see how it would be a great way to set up a lunch counter without having to have a big rental space and overhead.

David Masse said...

Trobrairitz, not sure I'll have a scooter buddy. Turns out the owner is a very attractive young lady. My better half wouldn't get the "buddy" aspect, assuming anything friendly were "budding".

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