Friday, June 29, 2012

Views from the saddle

The morning and evening commutes are as different as different can be.

This morning's commute was cool, serene.  I took the slow lakeshore route and savored the ride.

The view of the lake shimmering in the early morning sun demanded that I pull into the parking lot just east of the Pointe Claire marina, sneak onto the gravel pedestrian path that leads to the pier and snap a picture to capture the mood.
The evening commute was one of those "shortest A to B affairs".  The headwind was stiff, with lots of buffeting from passing 18 wheelers, everyone hell-bent-for-leather to the burbs for the Canada Day long weekend.


Trobairitz said...

Ahhhh I forgot you were having a long weekend.

Happy Canada Day.

That picture is so beautiful, so simple, but with such vivid contrast with the clouds and sunlight.

Canajun said...

The winds this past week have been brutal here as well. After an 80 kilometre ride from Ottawa directly into the teeth of it on Tuesday I was exhausted!

Dar said...

We have been having some very high winds here as well, I lost my side cover Tuesday night as I was driving into a strong headwind. It has been a mixed bag of weather with lots of rain and cold temperatures. I sure wish summer would get here, because it sure doesn't feel like June.

David Masse said...

Trobairitz, thanks, couldn't have asked for nicer weather. and enjoyed a fun-filled weekend.

Canajun, with a headwind I'm so aware of how it scrubs off the top end speed that I don't really notice the other things like how much tension the wind blast causes in the upper body and neck.

Dar, glad to see you riding your beautiful red bike again, but sorry about your side cover. It's the law of averages. Probably means you've got a couple of thousand care-free miles coming your way soon.

jasonvicinanza said...

Great blog David! In fact you inspired me to start my own blog too.
Im a newbie Vespa rider in Paris and it simply must be documented :)

David Masse said...

Jason, I'm glad to hear that you have enjoyed reading my posts, and very honored to have contributed in some small way to the birth of another blog. I'll be folloeing your blog with interest.

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