Thursday, June 14, 2012

Return to normal

This morning's commute was interrupted for café au lait and a croissant at Croissanterie Figaro, a favorite of mine on the Plateau.

After all the excitement that May and early June brought, it feels good to be returning to "normal".

I use the quotation marks, because it's a new "normal" for me.  For 45 years I was in a different space.

The true normal mode for my commute began in 1965.  That's when I started High School in Grade 8.  There was no middle school back then.

I had to take a bus to a train, and the train downtown.  For most of my life I have been primarily a train commuter.  I know that's not the  routine for most North American commuters.  In my case the train just happened to be the most logical choice even though I have moved around the city a fair bit over time.

When I wasn't on a train, I commuted by car.

All that changed in 2010 when the scoot commute began.

For my 30 km urban commute  (at least 60 km a day), my Vespa gets me where I need to be faster, and happier.

Get a life!  Get happy! Get a Vespa!


SonjaM said...

What a nice interuption of the daily routine. And of course you can't do it without a croissant.

Most of my worklife in Germany I used to commute on two-wheels or by public transit.
In Calgary it was purely four-wheeled commuting, and in BC became mostly scootin on my Vespa.
Long story short... I am with you!

I love your slogan, you should put it on your header along with a sexy pic of your scoot.

Dar said...

Love scoot or bike commuting, it does tend to be a bit of a grind in terrible weather, but luckily my commute isn't as long as yours.

Trobairitz said...

I think interruptions like that are awesome.

What a nice relaxing way to start your day. Tasty too I'm sure.

Unknown said...


THERE IS "NO NORMAL". There is only what you are used to. If you change your habits and get used to it, then that would be your NEW NORMAL. NORMAL doesn't stand still for anyone. It is only what you are familiar with and what you expect to happen as part of your routine, which may be to do the same thing, forever

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