Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A glimpse of heaven


How do you pass up an opportunity to take a picture?

I pulled into a lakeshore park to snap this picture from the saddle with my iPhone using the Camera+ app.

I took a bunch of shots, varying the exposure because I couldn't tell if I managed to capture what my eyes were seeing so plainly.

I don't know about you, but sunbeams evoke heaven.  I'm not religious at all, so I think it's just a cliché that's been reinforced over time by countless cheesy images.

I don't think there are any serious artists living who waste time on sunbeams, are there?

Or photographers for that matter?  Well, maybe photographers.

And yet they are definitely worth stopping for.  A gift from nature, really.

So there you are, a glimpse of heaven.


Keith - Circle Blue said...

One of the many unexpected gifts I've received from riding is the sky. I am aware of it constantly when I ride. It is the roof over my head. It is everywhere.

Thanks for the sunbeams. I take them whether they are "cheesy" or not.

SonjaM said...

Nothing cheesy about sun rays. They make for the best natural effect in photos, even without photo-shopping.

Trobairitz said...

I too like to see the sunbeams. Some people get the 'ahhhh' moment and maybe some don't. I just think of it as the majesty of nature. Very nice photo.

Dar said...

I love sunbeams, because it means its NOT raining. Great picture David. I have a fascination with the sky since I started riding, it seems I never ever paid attention to it when I was driving a car, I think that is in part because you are protected from the sky and elements. On the bike however you are acutely aware of everything.

It is simply stunning and I would have stopped too.

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