Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One more reason to visit Montreal this summer

Canada isn't Italy, France, Japan or England, that much is plain. So if you're looking for something spectacular and so old that no one is quite sure what it is, by all means go to Stonehenge. If what you're missing is a city that is one large orchestrated canvas of 19th century charm, then head to Paris. In search of the epitome of landscape architecture? Off to Kyoto you go.

But if you're curious, and you're in the neighborhood of North America, and you want to know what Canada has to offer, I'd say go to Vancouver; you won't be disappointed, I promise.  If you're even remotely a foodie, you'll have found Nirvana.

If you find that's too much of a stretch to the west, then definitely come to Montreal.

No, I'm not going to wax on forever about the usual quasi-world-famous stuff that Montreal has to offer. I'm not even going to mention that stuff, not even going to mention one word bullet points.

I'm going to give you a great reason to come for a visit that you may never have heard of.

The Tom Wesselman exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

One word... stunning. Two words, hedonist's delight. Three words, quintessential pop art.


SonjaM said...

I have to agree, Vancouver and Montreal are certainly the best cities Canada has to offer. If it weren't for the cold winters, I might even consider living in Montreal ;-)

Didn't know you were into pop art. It's my kind of art, too.

Dar said...

Montreal is on my bucket list. My dream is to ride right across Canada & visit all the Eastern Provinces. Love the art exhibit pictures.

Trobairitz said...

Wow, awesome paintings.

I'd love to go back to Montreal. I've only ever been there in January - holy fricken cold Batman.

I love the architecture of old town and was lucky enough to wander around it for a bit but didn't see nearly enough of the city. It is on my bucket list.

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