Saturday, July 7, 2012

This is how it all begins...

These are the early days of my nephew Gabriel's life on two wheels. His sister Hannah is still busy exploring life on two feet. Good times!


  1. I see a helmet but no riding pants. Your never to young to practice ATGATT!

  2. Someone looks pretty happy to be on two wheels.

  3. No ATGATT but riding off road...

  4. Robert, when you and I were learning those same skills bike helmets hadn't even been thought of. It's a wonder we're still walking the earth.

    Trobairitz, indeed, that exuberance and happiness just spills out. There's no faking it.

    Sonja, off-road indeed, and that's what he dragged me out of the house to see. He was very pleased with his performance. He left a few skid marks on the driveway. So of course, I naturally began to coach him on how if he slammed on the rear brake in a turn, he could slide the rear wheel out and make "J" shaped skid marks. I think that he thought that was just over-the-top crazy-dangerous. I'll bet that he'll be doing that in no time.


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