Friday, August 3, 2012

Fraternal twins

 One block over from my office there is a public relations company.

Parked prominently on a stone landing between the building's ground floor reception area and the sidewalk you will often spot a couple of Vespas.  I think of them as fraternal twins because they are the same LX model, in different colours, but with identical custom upholstery.

Fraternal twins.


Unknown said...


I am sure you are envious because of the highly prominent parking spot. You are probably fuming inside your helmet wondering why you have to park underground when you could have a spot in the sunlight

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SonjaM said...

What a nice pair of scoots. Not sure if I like the seat design, but it's for sure an eyecatcher.

Trobairitz said...

That is way cool. The custom upholstery is interesting. I wonder if they are his and hers.

Dar said...

I particularly like the pink one, it is a rosy pink & not the obnoxious pepto bismal pink they had for sale here. Not sure I like the seat covering, and I like wild seat covers (remember the zebra) I wish I had primo parking at work.

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