Saturday, August 25, 2012

The end of the road

That expression can be ominous.  Reaching the end of the road is seldom a good thing.

This is an exception.  Perhaps because it's the end of a road, not the road.  The land you see here used to be a golf course.  It's a short ride from home.  The pavement peters out, and leads to trails through the woods.

On Saturday morning I was off to get a haircut.  With a little time to spare, I took a little joy ride.  I had in mind Steve Williams' classic photos.  I was actually thinking of going off-road a little ways to get more of a Vespa-in-the-field look.  However, where I was, at the end of the pavement, was a good fifty feet beyond the 'no motorcycles' sign.  I wonder if it applies to my scooter?

Working against me is the manufacturer's plate with the VIN that says my Vespa is a motorcycle.

I snapped one more picture, fired up the bike, and headed to my 9:00 o'clock appointment.


Dar said...

Great photos - Very Steve-esque.

SonjaM said...

There seems to be a time when we all try and copy Steve's style. I am guilty of this, too. You are close. Good job.

David Masse said...

Dar, Sonja, Steve Williams was a major influence in my decision to ride. I'd love to take a road trip to meet up with him in State College PA. It's just a major undertaking on a small bike like the LX150. It just doesn't have what it takes to handle straight through Interstate for hours on end. Even with a larger bike, it's still an overnight trip from here.

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