Friday, July 26, 2013

Rider profile: Paul Ruby

Name:  Paul Ruby
Find me on Earth:  State College,  Pennsylvania, USA
Find me Online:
Interview Date:  Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Interview Location:  State College,  Pennsylvania, USA

Scootcommute: When did you start riding, how old were you?

Paul: In 1984, 28 years old.

Scootcommute: How many motorbikes have you owned?

Paul: I've lost count.  20-30 probably.

Scootcommute: What is your current bike, and is the current bike your favorite?

Paul: 1964 Vespa 90,  1965 Vespa 150GL, 2007 Piaggio Fly 150, 2009 Ducati 1198, 2007 BMW K1200GT  The Ducati is the most exhilarating. The BMW is the best distance cruiser I've had.   The 1965 Vespa 150GL is very classy and timeless.  

Scootcommute: Talk to me about the most challenging riding skill you learned.

Paul: I'm not a natural rider.  Everything I've learned I've learned by doing it the wrong way first.  The skill I now have that I like the most is confidence.

I can toss that big BMW around pretty good.  I can turn tight circles.  I can lock the back brake up and slide along the road with them all.  My balance and control has never been better.  I know my limits.

Scootcommute: Are you a moto-commuter, a tourer, or a fair weather rider?

Paul: I'm a blend of those but I don't tend to take the motorcycle if it's raining.  Who likes riding with soggy underwear?

Scootcommute: Are you a solitary rider? How about riding in a group?

Paul: I like to ride with friends.  It's more fun and I like to share experiences.

Scootcommute: I dare you to share an awkward or embarassing riding moment.

Paul: That's an easy one.  I was trying to impress a girl once. She was on the back of my Harley Sportster and we were riding along the dirt road through the woods.

A large mud puddle went across the road. I slowed to near walking speed.  Half way through the puddle the front wheel started to slide to one side.  I yelled, "Jump off!"  I think she jumped off and landed on her feet. But the motorcycle fell over in a foot of muddy water and steam rose from it. We later got married.

Scootcommute: What is the best place your bike has taken you?

Paul: Mostly the rides Steve (Williams) and I go on are my favorites.  We just go to good diners or visiting friends.  It's pretty simple.

Scootcommute: Tell me why you ride.

Paul: That's easy.  Nothing philosophical. It's fun.  Also the Ducati makes my ____  1/2" longer when I get into the throttle. No smart remarks!

Scootcommute: If I could grant you one riding wish, what would it be?

Paul: I would like you to arrange Angelina Jolie to go to Burger King with me on my scooter.  Take photos.



Steve Williams said...

You forgot to ask a few important questions of Mr. Ruby:

Scootcommute: What's your favorite word?

Paul: Bam!

Scootcommute: What's your favorite food?

Paul: Red Zingers. They still make them right?

Glad you were able to corner Paul long enough to get some answers from him.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Deb said...


Paul said...

Oh Red Zingers it's been so long. When we were on photo outings I'd sometimes get those at the stop with some coffee. Raspberry and coconut covered snack cake and a creamy inner goodness. My other favorites are Banana Flips. Both old school Dolly Madison. I've seen Red Zingers recently but it's been a while since I've seen Banana Flip.

David Masse said...

Steve, as I am sure you know, your are blessed to have a friend like Paul. He is a rare specimen, I think, someone who is blessed with the ability to live in the moment, grab life with two hands, and devour it. Bam! Indeed!

David Masse said...

Deb: Best, Comment, Ever!

David Masse said...

Paul, and yet you are (or certainly seem to be) the epitome of fit.

Maybe Woody Allen was right in Sleeper. The junk food turns out to be healthier in the long run.

Not nearly enough evidence though. I'm going to continue suffering the salads, green veggies and occasional fish, at least for now.

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