Thursday, July 25, 2013

Settling back into a normal routine

I'm back to my daily commute...
... and back to hopping on my Vespa to get to more distant lunch dates. Like today's lunch with my close friend Andrew on a rare visit from London, Ontario.

Andrew is staying at a very classy boutique hotel in Old Montreal.

We had lunch at Titanic, a nice little chef-owned soup, salad and sandwich place in Old Montreal on St-Pierre street.  That modest description truly fails to do this place justice.

Neither one of us could resist their Mac-n-Cheese.

Could you?  Dare I say it?  It's even better than Bleecher's in Seattle.


Trobairitz said...

Sometimes, there is something to be sais about routines, and being home to sleep in your own bed.

That doesn't look like ordinary mac and cheese. Looks yummy.

Dar said...

Mmmmm that looks fabulous! I love vacation & going away, but I love coming home even more and sleeping in my bed. Hope you still have some more vacay time.

Unknown said...


I love Mac & Cheese, but where I am they have Lobster & Mac/cheese

you left too soon

Riding the Wet Coast

David Masse said...

Trobairitz, it was perfect. They used plenty of good sharp cheese, it had a really nicely crusted top, and there was a little bit of spinach that added a nice complementary flavour and contrasting texture and colour. It truly was yummy.

David Masse said...

Dar, this is the first year where I am using up all my vacation time. So sad not to have more, but grateful for using it up because we have enjoyed a charmed time since spring sprang (Vancouver, Portland OR, Seattle WA, Rome, and the Blogger to Blogger Tour - Cornwal, Ottawa, Toronto, State College PA, Hartford CT and Portland ME). I managed to get both Portlands in the same year. Very cool.

David Masse said...

Bob, you are blessed with the time you are able to devote to this very ambitious trip. It would have been so nice to spend the whole time with you and Karen. I am very thankful for the time I did have. I am in your debt for having invited me and having put up with my newbishness.

Stay safe!

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