Sunday, August 17, 2014

Foul weather work-around

The weather god is very angry with us here.

The sky has been banded with ominous dark clouds, and we have had liberal doses of heavy rain.

I've been seeing too much of my Civic. I miss my Vespa.

So I did the perfectly logical thing to ease the pain.
I re-branded my Civic.


SonjaM said...

Pimp-your-civic... the perfect foul-weather-activity, presented to you by David, the Scoot-Commute. ;-)

You must be desperate...

VStar Lady said...

Woah, from the first picture I thought you were about to commit Vespacide - thought you were going to back the Civic over it ,,, Is the Vespa now wearing the Civic bling?

Deb said...


I think I'd just ride in the rain though! :=)

David Masse said...

Deb, riding in the rain lost some of its allure when I came off my bike late one dark and stormy night.

I survived remarkably unscathed (the bike too), but the psychic scars get in the way of the rainy riding pleasure.

It's less painful to suffer in the air-conditioned purgatory of the Civic.

Now that it's Vespa-branded... nah, it may not make it any better, come to think of it.

At least it won't hurt :)

Unknown said...


I hope your weather will be better next August. Doesn't seem fair to get Winter weather during the Summer

nothing wrong with driving in air conditioned comfort. You must have been looking over my shoulders. Don't need to wear ATGATT either

bob: riding the wet coast

Canajun said...

My bike hasn't left the garage in a week the weather's been so crappy. A roof and windows that keep out the elements may not be ideal but it works for me.

RichardM said...

Not quite the same thing. Something I've hear around here is that rain means that it's still warm enough to ride.

Dar said...

It's a 'Vesvic' ;-)

David Masse said...

Bob I saw you banished your bikes to the moto-grotto in hibernation mode.

You're cursed with expensive insurance, yet blessed with a gorgeous Corvette. Your ying balances your yang, or, put another way, if your insurer has let you down, the law of averages has you covered.

Either way, that's how to spell happiness.

David Masse said...

At least you've got that tractor to play with. That could keep me happily distracted from the dismal weather.

David Masse said...

To my southern ears, that's damning with faint praise. We really have no right to complain.

I'm looking forward to tales of how you're able to put your motorcycle in reverse to back out of snow banks.

David Masse said...

Dar, if not that, then definitely a Civspa. A warm and dry enclosure is still warm and dry by any other name.

David Masse said...

Rather just upset with the weather. Summer is so short, and to have fall butt-in on mid-August, well, it's so wrong.

David Masse said...

Carl, the guy who sold me the GTS, handed over some stuff he had misplaced when he owned it: the storage bag for the bike cover, the owner's manual, and a screw for the chrome cover on the exhaust.

Tucked in with the owner's manual were three good quality Vespa logos.

As soon as I saw them, I knew it was only a question of time until the Civic got re-branded. Yesterday I was puttering around, and I seized the opportunity.

Trobairitz said...


David Masse said...

It would be even nicer if it was an actual Vespa badge rather than a vinyl sticker.

My dealer has a spare Vespa badge that they offered me at one point because the very tip of the one on the front of my bike is missing a wee bit at the end.

If I can still get that one, I'll swap the old ever so slightly defective one on the Civic.

Then all I have to do is lose the doors, then the roof... it's a long process.

David Masse said...

Summer returned! A glorious sunny commute today.

A little brisk for my summer gloves, but nothing the heated grips didn't fix.

Michael B. said...

Dave, that's a good start, but then you also need to remove two wheels. The weather folks say that Toronto has above-average rain fall this season, but somehow it's when I don't ride. I like it this way.

David Masse said...

Michael if you have a recipe for having crappy weather coincide with times when you wouldn't ride anyway, that could make you rich :)

Conchscooter said...

I wonder what a loose clutch nut would be like there?

David Masse said...

Michael, you made me think.

I first thought a loose clutch nut would be the same pretty much everywhere, but that distance to a competent mechanic would be what would cause the pain to vary.

Then I thought maybe a 'loose clutch nut' might be a metaphor for a person... let's say a person stuck in drive? No, it sounds more like loopy or deranged in some mild obscure way. If so, I next wondered wondered what that person would be like there.

Where? Had to be Toronto, or maybe Fairbanks? Unless you meant a frame of mind, instead of a physical place.

Finally, I thought that a loose clutch nut, either the real thing, or the metaphoric thing, or person, is such a rare thing that it or they would be strange wherever 'there' is (or was).

So my final answer to your enigmatic question is 'strangely unwelcome'.

I think that covers the bases.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Your re-branding should make for some smiles as your fellow travelers pull up behind. I approve.

David Masse said...

Thanks Doug.

I remember finding myself behind a Range Rover in the dead of winter on my way home and noticing an MV sticker on the back. Instant connection. I still wonder who that was.

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