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I am a commuter. Commuting to and from work accounts for ninety percent of the miles I have ridden.

That said, I have three fairly long distance rides to my credit.  A return day trip to Ottawa, the 2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour, and the 2014 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Tuscan Loop, and a 2015 Florida Everglades Tour.

The 2013 Tour was 3,000 kilometers over eight days, covering seven cities, two provinces, and seven states in two countries. If you are interested to learn what it means to tour on a motorbike, by all means read all the posts in sequence.

The Tuscan Loop was just a one day ride that followed a loop in Tuscany in Italy from Pontedera to Volterra and San Gimignano and back to Pontedera.

On the other hand, if what you need is a crash course on touring on a Vespa, then skip right to what has to be the ultimate Touring Guide.

On the other, other hand, if what you are planning is something... more ambitious... let's say packing up a Vespa GTS with a plan to be on the road for years, and visiting all of the continental US, plus a big chunk of Canada, then you need to check out Stephanie Yue's touring gear guide and her tool roll post.

But... if your ambitions go way beyond Canada, the US, and Europe, and you are planning some serious globe trotting, you'll need an adventure bike, and you definitely need to check out the definitive gear list that Tim and Marisa put together for their trip south. They posted their gear guide while in Peru!

OK... where was I?

Here are my touring links in chronological order:
Other intrepid touring scooterists and motorcyclists

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