Monday, March 19, 2012

And... we're off!!

The 2012 Vespa scooter commuting season officially kicked off this morning.

The heated grips I installed weren't needed due to the unseasonably balmy weather we've enjoyed since Sunday when the temperature hit 21.5C.

This morning it was cool.  I switched the grips on to a low-ish setting, just because I could.  So there, global warming, take that!

In two years of commuting on my scooter this was my first experience with fog.  The fog was rolling in from Lake St-Louis, and was at times quite heavy.  The main concern with the fog, aside from the obvious challenge of seeing and being seen, was that my visor fogged.  It was so troublesome that I had no other option than to ride with the visor up.

Given the warm temperature, it wasn't a problem.

This morning I am also sporting my new Icon Patrol boots.
This picture was taken yesterday when I went for a brief joyride.  When I commute I wear full gear including lined Tourmaster Caliber pants.  Yesterday I ventured out in jeans.

The season begins with 10,778 miles on the clock.  I mention it just so I can record it here in case I'm wondering later on how many miles I will have logged this season.
It certainly feels good to be back on two wheels.  I'm taking it slowly.  Nice relaxed commuting along the scenic route.  At least until I've got my sea legs back.


SonjaM said...

Nice temperatures already, while we got snow this morning (had a flashback of being back in Calgary for a bit).
Let the scooter season begin! Safe riding.

Trobairitz said...

Yay, scooter season.

I bet those warm temperatures are welcome. We're still waiting for ours, but they will arrive sometime, I know it.

Those look like good boots. Were they comfy?

The City Mouse in the Country said...

I'm had to drive in fog on the way home at night a few times. My visor also fogged up. I know there is some spray or something to prevent it...however I normally just tuck a small towel under the windscreen and use it at stops.

Unknown said...


minus -1°c this morning. Had to scrap all the windows. Some hail yesterday and freezing again tonight. glad to see it warm, somewhere . . .

We'll rub it in the next time our weather fortunes reverse. for now, we'll keep quiet

happy scooting
Riding the Wet Coast

Keith - Circle Blue said...

I think you are very wise to take it easy until you get your "game" back, or as you said, your "sea legs back." Every Spring here there is a rash of accidents involving motorcycles. I'm sure some of it is cagers getting used to looking out for riders again, but I think most of it is rusty reflexes.

A secret between you and me...I'm amazed at how often I turn on my heated grips now that I have them. It is so wonderful.

Be safe and keep riding smart.

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