Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The ride home

I had to pause on the way home yesterday on my first commute of 2012.

The photo says it all: an August blazing fireball sunset in mid-March.   Who would have thought that warm weather like we're enjoying was even remotely possible on the first Monday after St. Patrick's Day?

On the way home tonight, people were dining on the sidewalk terrace at Il Fornetto in Lachine. And there was a crowd scene at the Dairy Queen.

Tomorrow's forecast is even hotter!  HOTTER!?!?  Yes, hotter.

The Creator must be mocking me for installing heated grips on a Vespa LX.

Hey, you don't think that's possible?

It's a mid-summer's March dream here. Hello!


Unknown said...


send us lots of umbrellas & ice scrapers. I'm going to test your theory

Riding the Wet Coast

Trobairitz said...

Beautiful photo. I am glad some parts of this continent are getting warm weather, but I'm still jealous.

We woke to snow this morning. So wrong, lol.

Unknown said...

Enjoy what you get, that's what I say. Who knows, maybe it's global warming and we'll have a summer that will melt your skin off. If spring is this nice I can't complain, though, it's easily my favorite season. Nice photo!

Behind Bars

SonjaM said...

After having worked in Manitoba, and lived in Calgary, I moved to the West Coast in quest of better (warmer) weather. Looks like I was headed in the wrong direction...

Enjoy the glitch in the weather pattern ;-)

Keith - Circle Blue said...

Nothing to do, but enjoy!

Scoot! Scoot!!


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