Monday, March 26, 2012

That's more like it

Minus 4 Celsius or 25 Fahrenheit coupled with stiff winds out of the north.  This is the March I remember.  Freaking cold.

The Hot Grips™ were running on the maximum setting this morning.  No half-measures for a day like this.

The visor had to be snapped shut to keep the sharp knife of cold air from freezing my nose.  My Corazzo underhoody did its job of sealing the gap between my Corazzo 5.0 jacket and Nolan N-102 full-face helmet.

The heated grips made all the difference.

Nevertheless, it was so cold, particularly with the wind factored in, that more countermeasures were dancing in my head.  Such as:
  1. I should have put the liners in my armored pants (Dohhh!).
  2. I wonder how nice it would be with heated grips and muffs?
  3. A true all-weather jacket with a removable liner would be a really nice touch. 
I didn't see any other motor bikes on the road.

I wonder why?


SonjaM said...

Minus four? YOu are one dedicated rider. We had a wonderful albeit still a bit nippy weekend over here, but now that's Monday it's all grey, and back to rain.
Be careful out there.

Dar said...

David - wow that is really chilly. If you want a good jacket made by the same company look at the TourMaster jackets, their zip liners are awesome. I wore my Transition 2 all winter with the zip-in liner and it truly is waterproof and you don't get cold at all. Our winters aren't as cold as yours, but I rode when it was really frosty around 1 degree, was warm as toast. I think the muffs would be pretty awesome.

Unknown said...


what happened to your unseasonal Hot weather ? First it was HOT, and now below freezing

take it easy out there . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

David Masse said...

Sonja... dedicated or a touch nuts? My sister informed me that on the radio this morning they were saying that with windchill is was -13C. (9F).

Dar: Tell me more about waterproof liners.

I always wondered about that. If it's raining, does the outer jacket get sopping wet, but the liner keeps you dry?

I suppose it doesn't matter really. But I suppose you can't take the liner out until the whole thing is dry.

My only experience is with my rain jacket. Since that goes over my riding jacket, the riding jacket stays dry. So that's the reverse of the liner.

With my Tourmaster pants, the liner is only a thermal liner and the pants themselves are waterproof.

Bob Yikes... I don't know. Someone snatched it over the weekend. I know it wasn't you guys.

Trobairitz said...

That is mighty chilly. Such a change in your weather.

Aren't heated grips great? Makes you wonder how you rode without them.

Unknown said...


Re: Liners

I don't like the JR:Joe Rockets. the jacket gets waterlogged but the liner inside keeps your skin dry. My Columbia jacket is waterproof all by itself, and the liner inside is only for warmth. the Jacket does not get waterlogged.

I also want pants that are waterproof in the outer layer, the best solution maybe to purchase outerwear which goes over your riding clothes. Like Frog Toggs which we can't get in Canada, at least, I have never seen any

Riding the Wet Coast

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