Saturday, March 31, 2012

Got to make more room...

Ahhhhh! now that's better!
Nothing like spring renovations to lift the spirit.


  1. why does that leave me strangely confused.....

  2. Trobairitz: Can't say I blame you. Here's the story: There is an itch to my blogging that flares up the last week or so of each month. I start watching the bloody pageview stats. I can't help myself. I can't quite understand where the traffic comes from, in spite of the many views of the statistics that Blogger offers. I get mesmerized by the 'all time' page views graph. Since traffic on my blog seems to just increase over time, the graph is always headed to the top right corner. For March the line was going straight for the corner. So, like a cat watching a ball on string, I was wondering what was going to happen when the line hit the corner. It's dumb of course. I knew what was going to happen: the top line would just rise to accommodate more headroom. I couldn't help messing around with my little stick-figure graph-monkey guy, pretending to lift that line to make more room. I knew that once Blogger lifted the line to reposition the graph, the stats would look pretty much like they've always looked, like a stupid line inching its way to the top right corner. It's like being in the surf at the beach watching for those bigger waves every fourth or fifth wave or so. Endless, mindless fun.

    This is likely to continue. Unless readers get fed up with my antics and abandon my blog, in which case the line will sink down to oblivion. Then I'll have to find something else to obsess over.

    Keith: Very funny, such a short sentence, no letters, yet speaks volumes. I read into your witty comment that you knew exactly what I was up to. Concluded I was getting rattled by the damn stats. Smiled knowingly and benignly, and let me be. Very cool.

    Sonja: Thanks for being gentle with the crazy person.


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