Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rider profile: Roland Mager

Name: Roland Mager
Find me on Earth: In the Black Forest, Germany
Find me online: &
Interview Date: July 31, 2013
Interview Location: Via the internet
Scootcommute: When did you start riding, how old were you?

Roland: I got my first bike two years ago, aged 46; I am a late bloomer.

Scootcommute: How many motorbikes have you owned?

Roland: Three.

Scootcommute: What is your current bike, and is the current bike your favorite?

Roland: My current bike is a 2008 Vespa GTS250, and I love my Vespa!

Scootcommute: Talk to me about the most challenging riding skill you learned.

Roland: Zigzaging around poles with a Honda Silverwing.

Scootcommute:  Are you a moto-commuter, a tourer, or a fair weather rider?

Roland: Touring in fair weather best describes my riding.

Scootcommute: Are you a solitary rider? How about riding in a group?

Roland: I always ride with my better half.

Scootcommute: I dare you to share an awkward or embarassing riding moment.

Roland: I am a beginner, nothing too embarassing happened as of yet.

Scootcommute: What is the best place your bike has taken you?

Roland: Oregon!

Scootcommute: Tell me why you ride.

Roland: I ride because Sonja rides!

Scootcommute: If I could grant you one riding wish, what would it be?

Roland: To tour Tuscany on a Vespa.

Scootcommute:  PS: that wish was granted.



SonjaM said...

Hey, I know that guy ;-)

David Masse said...

Sonja, I figured you might.

Trobairitz said...

Oooh Tuscany on a vespa sounds wonderful.

Miss you two, but I am so glad things are working out for you in Germany. All those new roads to explore on two wheels .........

SonjaM said...

Guys, we have a guest room that sleeps two...

David Masse said...

I wonder, Roland wishes for a ride in Tuscany, and ten months later he gets his wish granted and I get to ride in Tuscany with him and Sonja. I wonder what else Roland is wishing for?

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