Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rider profile: Sonja Mager

Name: Sonja Mager
Find me on Earth: In the Black Forest, Germany
Find me online: &
Interview Date: July 31, 2013
Interview Location: Via the internet
Scootcommute: When did you start riding, how old were you?

Sonja: I am not telling my age but I hold a motorcycle drivers license since 1992.

Scootcommute: How many motorbikes have you owned?

Sonja: 13

Scootcommute: What is your current bike, and is the current bike your favorite?

Sonja: I own a 2008 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 and a 2012 Vespa GTS 300 Supersport - I could do without a motorcycle but the current Vespa is my all time favourite.

Scootcommute: Talk to me about the most challenging riding skill you learned.

Sonja: Counter-steering and correct positioning before turns on the 'wrong' side of the road in New Zealand with a little help from two local bloggers.

Scootcommute: Are you a moto-commuter, a tourer, or a fair weather rider?

Sonja: All of it but mostly commuting.

Scootcommute: Are you a solitary rider? How about riding in a group?

Sonja: Small groups up to four are ok but need a lot of compromising and adjustment already, hence I prefer riding with hubby or riding alone.

Scootcommute: I dare you to share an awkward or embarassing riding moment.

Sonja: It was on a tight hairpin turn in Monaco when I dropped my fully loaded bike and wasn't able to pick it up because it was in an awkward position downhill.

Scootcommute: What is the best place your bike has taken you?

Sonja: I had many 'best places', most of them in Europe, but best roads? Oregon springs to mind.

Scootcommute: Tell me why you ride.

Sonja: It still has this adventurous touch to it, and it is easy to meet people that way, be it on the road or on the world wild web.

Scootcommute: If I could grant you one riding wish, what would it be?

Sonja: Iceland on a Triumph Scrambler.



Canajun said...

"Iceland on a Triumph Scrambler" - Now that would be a great time!

Trobairitz said...

Sonja!! We miss you and you haven't even been gone long.

SonjaM said...

Iceland has been on my bucket list since childhood days ;-)

SonjaM said...

Same here, hope to see you again one fine day.

David Masse said...

It would be a very fine day indeed if a bunch of bloggers happened to vacation in Provence or Tuscany in a way that allowed for an overlap of two or three days for moto touring. Who knows, it could happen.

SonjaM said...

Let me know, and I will be there ;-)

David Masse said...

Hmmmm... Maybe a sign up sheet...

David Masse said...

Brandy, Brad, renting bikes in Tuscany or Provence?

SonjaM said...

I speak French better than Italian but Hubby has Tuscany very high on his list of Vespa-things to do... hint hint

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