Monday, September 9, 2013


I love riding, and I love my Vespa because they give me wings.

First there's the real feeling of flight that you don't get when you drive a car. This is particularly true when the road twists, or you sweep left or right onto a side street, or you change lanes and accelerate away.

Then there's the sense of unbridled freedom.   My Vespa can take me anywhere in the city and I never, ever have the slightest concern with parking. No matter how congested a neighborhood may be, there's always room for a Vespa. That means that if I have my Vespa, I don't give a second's thought to the logistics of travel. I imagine that birds feel that way too.

Now you won't be surprised why one of the little gifts Peter Sanderson gave me struck such a chord deep in my soul. I will find the perfect place to sew this patch on, once I decide which jacket will be the beneficiary.
Will it be the tan Corazzo 5.0, or the black and silver BMW Airflow? Decisions, decisions.


SonjaM said...

David, it has to go on the tan Corrazzo, please. A very considerate gift. I feel the same about Vespa & flying ;-)

Trobairitz said...

Who needs Red Bull when you have a Vespa.

Dar said...

Two wheels definitely move the soul. Cool patch!

VStar Lady said...

Decisions, where to place your wings? It's so great that they express how you feel on your Vespa and are such a great memory too.

Unknown said...


I remember when my Uncle used to fly back and forth to Toronto (1950's), he had to take the TCA Super Constellation. (TCA = Trans Canada Airlines) They used to give away these little toy planes, and they also had little lapel pins. This is what your Wings reminded me of.

Glue velcro patches on both jackets, with a velcro patch on the "Patch" and you move it from jacket to jacket

Riding the Wet Coast

David Masse said...

Sonja, that's definitely where I'm leaning too.

David Masse said...

Trobairitz, you may have a marketing career ahead of you!!

David Masse said...

Thanks Dar!

David Masse said...

Karen, I think that the memories are what matter most. Stuff is just stuff, but memories are worth spending time and money on.

David Masse said...

Bob, I also have an uncle who worked for Air Canada back then. Every now and then he would give me one of those little toy planes. Great memories. That was in the '50s, I didn't set foot on a plane until after I was married, in 1978 to be precise.

Times sure have changed.

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