Friday, April 27, 2012

GoPro: Take II

Bobskoot is a man of many talents.

I have a lot to learn from Bob.

I believe Bob to be a GoPro wizard.  A wizard not just in the usual technical sense, but in the best possible sense, the artistic sense.

I am a beginner, a dilettante, a mouse in the corner of the Wizard's lair.

Trying to learn I am, as Bob, Yoda to my Luke, tosses me hints.  "Thirty degrees left".  "Fat Gecko". 'Stealth; excellent pictures, makes it does'.

That last bit paraphrases Bob's advice, though now I can't locate the comment.  Did I delete it in an iPhone clumsy moment?  Did I imagine Bob's advice?  Or is Bob whispering in my inner ear from the other quadrant of the planet by some wizardly means?  No... no... now I'm getting carried away. And yet...

I am struggling with the angle advice.  I think that I'm intoxicated with the view in which my Vespa and I waste a third of the frame while the sights are neglected.  Definitely not Jeddi material.  And I didn't quite take the Fat Gecko advice literally either.  I concluded that the GoPro suction mount was functionally equivalent to the Fat Gecko mount.  Call it a slightly rebellious riff on the Master's injunction.

I need to hone the craft because there are missions looming.

I won't be attacking any Death Stars, but my GoPro is going to be my mini-Lucas, with my iPhone as my R2D2, when I bag more big bridges this riding season.

Here's a practice run.  Let me know how I'm doing.

PS: Want to see GoPro in action? Check out the incredibly cool thread on Modern Vespa as the Cannonballers wrap up their run across the US south, San Diego bound.

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Unknown said...


I'm not a guru, I am a hobbyist. I keep working on it until I get it to do what I want.

I don't use the GoProHD suction mount as it has a "fixed" angle. The mini-gecko uses a ball mount and can be moved to most any orientation.

spray some pledge furniture wax/cleaner on the plastic case, in front of the lens. The raindrops will "blow away" from the wind.

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