Thursday, April 26, 2012


 Here's a how-to of a different kind, but definitely a vital scooter / moto related skill.

Yes, sewing patches.

There is a technique to sewing on patches that makes the job fairly simple so that anyone can do it, and do it well.

Here's how to do it.

First the obvious, decide where you want the patch.

Once you know that, it helps to use a few straight pins to pin the patch to the fabric.

Since most patches have a black border, you should probably use black thread.  If the border is not black, use thread that matches the patch border.

Next once the needle is threaded, stitch the thread from front to back through the patch border.
Now, fold the patch back a little and stitch the thread through the fabric.  All you are doing it inserting needle just inside the outer layer of the garment's fabric and right back out, and just behind where the edge of the patch will sit. Those stiches in the garment fabric won't show, and they don't need to be symmetrical, or neat, or tidy.  As long as they sit back from the edge of the patch they'll be fine.  The stitches that matter are those that are back and forth through the patch border.
Next, stitch the thread through the patch border, this time from the back to the front.  Position your stitch about one sixteenth of an inch away from where the first stitch went through the border.

Now repeat those steps going around the edge of the patch until all the edges are sewn.  Then keep going to overlap the beginning and end of your stitching by at least half an inch or so.

With each stich, lie the patch down flat against the fabric and smooth the patch and fabric out, to make sure that your sewing is not binding anywhere.

As you sew along, you'll see that there is a little slack in the last two or three stitches that makes the job easy to do.

And there you have it.

If the patch border is very tight, using pliers to push and pull the needle through beats trying to use a thimble.


Trobairitz said...

Nice looking patches. And a thought how-to too.

I agree pliers work better than thimbles.

Unknown said...


My riding pants are starting to fray. I think some of the seams need to be reinforced.

I'm thinking of sending them to you for your tailoring skills and mend them back to new condition. The zipper on my JR jacket needs to be replaced. Can you buy YKK brand zipper, medium size and replace the zipper for me, as it is hard to fasten. Black will be fine, unless you can get them in Pink.

If I send them to you right away you could repair them & bring them back with you when you come to Vancouver

I would be forever grateful, thank goodness you know how to sew

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