Monday, April 30, 2012


 Every time I see one it shocks me.

My Vespa LX150 dwarfs, dominates, towers over, the real Mini.

Those new Minis are huge, hulking, massive, imposing cars, unworthy of the name.

It's a wonder that two real people can fit inside a real Mini.  You'd expect that they wouldn't have doors.  That there would be a gaping hole in the roof in which to perch, hunkered down to reach the steering wheel, like a too-big kid in a too-small pedal car.

But then I guess that the modern Vespa is to the vintage Vespa, what the modern Mini is to the original.


Unknown said...


my BIL had an original Mini over 20 years ago. He drove it all around the United States and ended up in Berkely, CA. Back then Mini-Coopers were in demand so he sold it for a profit. Many people were bringing miniCoopers to CA. He recently bought one of those newer ones, A Mini Cooper John Player edition

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Keith - Circle Blue said...

It does surprise how small the original Mini was. When I saw one a while back, I must admit I thought clown car.

Trobairitz said...

Those little cars always make me think of Mr.Bean.

David Masse said...

Bob, I've never driven one, but by all acounts they are an absolute blast to drive. A lot of people raced them. I don't know if they still do. They must be getting awfully rare.

Keith, There's certainly no room for clowns in there. In fact, if you're not actually skinny...

Trobairitz, same here. I loved the fact that he locked the doors with padlocks. There was one hilarious skit when he pushed someone else's Mini out of a very convenient parking spot at a country fair, only to find out that the first Mini was the star performer in a "getting crushed by a Centurion Tank" show. Too funny.

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