Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Washington DC, at least the small portion of it that lies within the confines of the Four Seasons Hotel, is full of "type-A" folks of both genders.

These people, when they aren't actively involved in VERY IMPORTANT MEETINGS, wander about the hallways, gardens, terraces, and patios with their smart devices glued to their faces having VERY IMPORTANT CONVERSATIONS.

They show tremendous respect for each other's turf, and in the garden adjoining the hotel, seemed to have each developed a 50 foot privacy radius in which they paced, intent on their VERY IMPORTANT CONVERSATION.

 I decided to take a five minute break in the garden to get some much needed fresh air and sunshine.

This was how I came to observe this somewhat peculiar behavior.

Imagine my surprise when I found this idyllic watercourse making its way to the Potomac right there in the hotel's garden.

I think you'll be bound to agree that it looks like it was lifted straight out of rural England.  The very antithesis of yammering yuppies on Blackberries and iPhones.


Unknown said...


I'm very interested in those "very important conversations", did you manage to evesdrop ? or better yet, plant a "bug" somewhere. Maybe you had a chance to attend another meeting "by accident"

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SonjaM said...

I am so glad not to be VERY IMPORTANT. It gives me time to actually enjoy stuff ;-)

David Masse said...

Bob, I love the way your mind works. I suspect almost all those conversations were mundane, crushingly ordinary, mind-numbing, jibber-jabber.

Sonja, you are so right. I need to get some of that quiet enjoyment. I feel a little fried right now. My wife, daughter and I are off the L.A. for a family celebration soon. I know that L.A. is not known as a restful, contemplative place, but the break will be nice.

I'm hoping that you'll be able to join our blogger ride n' lunch in Vancouver. Please say yes!

Dar said...

Lovely picture! Be Careful that they don't mistake you for a super spy!

Canajun said...

What a great description of Washingtonians. LOL.

Trobairitz said...

Very pretty.

And why is it those people get upset when you listen in on their conversations they are having in public?

It drives me nuts when I am walking along and someone does not watch where they are going because their neck is bend down while texting.

How long before people evolve without being able to straighten their necks because of that issue?

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