Friday, April 20, 2012

So, sew

Actually, I am not "so-so", I'm really quite pleased with my progress.

This week I rolled over the personal 10,000th mile in the saddle.

My Vespa's odometer recorded its 10,000th mile last fall.  But I got my Vespa with 1,304 miles already on the clock, I didn't get to my personal 10,000th mile until a few days ago.

So now I get to sew my Modern Vespa 10,000 mile patch onto my Corazzo riding jacket.

Locations, locations!?!?  On the arm, or on the chest?  On the collar maybe? Or is sewing it on the collar too military-dress-uniform-palace-gards-ish?

Maybe I'll do it on the weekend.


Trobairitz said...

First off - congrats on the 10,000, that is awesome.

Second, I'm thinking patch on the arm up towards the shoulder might be a good location.

Dar said...

Woot! 10,000 that a lot of scoot commuting! I agree with Trobairitz on the patch location. I hope your next 10,000 is awesome!

Gary France said...

It doesn't matter where you sew it, but leave room to put the 20000, 30000, 40000 patches....

David Masse said...

Trobairitz, Dar you win! That's where it's going.

Gary, that's exactly the plan!

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